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Activities For Easter

Hi to Sunday Stars and all those who would have attended the Good Friday Workshop.

I do hope you are staying safe. Even though we cannot meet l felt that it mustn’t stop us from joining together for Holy Week and to explore some of the activities we would normally be doing at the Good Friday workshop. We can do them at home instead!

Here are some suggestions –


Prayer Stones

Find a pebble or smooth stone . Wash and dry it. Paint a picture on your stone. Ideas –

1. A green hill with 3 crosses on.

2. Beautiful flowers

3. A fish or any other design you would like to do.


Decorated Easter Biscuit

Decorate a biscuit. Ideas –

Using icing pens decorate it showing a part of the Good Friday story e.g. a cross, 

Using a marshmallow and icing pens > The Garden of Gethsemanie or an Easter chick.

It would also be lovely if you made Easter cards to give to your Family

I hope enjoy doing these activities.

There is a lot more to do on Good Friday be ready with a small tray or plate to make an Easter Garden.  The tray or plate should be plastic.

*** If you would like a photograph of your work displaying on this page attach to an e-mail and send to ***

Good Friday workshop

Today we remember that Jesus died on the cross. It is a sad day but it is also a very important one. We know that no matter how much Jesus suffered he was able to forgive those who had hurt him. He put his trust in God.

On Easter Sunday Jesus is alive, he has risen from the dead and amazes all his friends.


Here are some more activities to do today.

The Easter Garden.

A photo of this can be seen.

The Easter Garden is the ideal way to show the Easter story  

  1. Find a tray or plastic plate
  2. Place soil to cover the base of the tray .
  3. Make a mound of soil at one end this will be the hill where we place the three crosses
  4. 4. Cover the mound with moss if possible then place the 3 crosses on top .
  5. Make a pathway of sand or small stones that leads to the other end of the plate or tray, at this end place a large stone this is the tomb.
  6. 6 Plant small flowers each side of the pathway leading to the tomb, if possible cut some rosemary and include that. Rosemary is for remembrance.
  7. Find a small stone to show the tomb is open Look at the Photograph attached to see where some of the item should be placed.

Well done!

Activity 2

Decorated Cross

1 Cut out the shape of a Cross.

2 Decorate it with tissue paper

Activity 3

Easter tree.

Place a potato in a medium sized flower pot.

Now stick in some twigs into the potatoes.

Decorate the twigs with small cut out leaves and with tissue paper squashed into small balls for blossom and attach to the tree with glue.

Add small Easter eggs made from polystyrene Or paper ones. If you have any chicks that you can buy from shops add those.

Just enjoy adding things to make your tree look wonderful.


Decorate eggs

Decorate Polystyrene eggs or use a real egg but hard boil it first.

Ask an adult to help with this.

Ideas. Paint it or colour with felt tips Patterns zig zags, bunny faces or flowers.

Just have fun doing it.


Have an Easter Egg Hunt.

Ask an adult to hide Easter Eggs in the garden, see how many you can find.

You could make the game turn into a quiz by attaching questions to the eggs about the Easter story.

Enjoy eating those eggs.

Happy Easter to you all.

Please send in pictures of your work to the site so that we can all enjoy your marvellous work.

Many thanks


Hope to see you all soon.

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