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Sunday May 31st

Hi Everyone.

The weather has been fabulous this week, I do hope you have been out in your garden enjoying it.

The reading is Act 2 v 1-21

Today’s  reading marks the start of Pentecost.

Imagine the tremendous joy the disciples must have felt when the Holy Spirit came upon them.

They were given so many abilities.  One of them was the gift of languages.  To be able to talk to others in their own language meant they could tell everyone about Jesus.

The disciples also experienced the fruits of the Spirit, joy, love and peace.

The Holy Spirit is all around us because God is everywhere.

Suggested activities.

  1. Make a streamer using tissue or red, orange and yellow crepe paper. Attach it to a stick and whirl it about the garden.
  2. Make a picture using red, orange and yellow tissue paper.
  3. Can you speak in another language ? Try and learn at least three ways to say Hello in a foreign language.

Have a great week and stay safe.

Love and best wishes.


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