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Sunday December 6th

Sunday Stars Session –  6th  December 2020

Hi Everyone                                                                                                                

I do hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas.  Advent is a time for preparation as we await the birth of Jesus.  We prepare our homes by putting up decorations and we get ready ourselves by praying and thinking of others.

Based on the Bible reading from Luke 1

The Christmas Story (Part 1)

Long ago there lived in the town of Nazareth a young woman named Mary and a carpenter named Joseph.  One day an angel appeared to Mary.  He greeted her and said, “You will bear a son and name him Jesus.  He will be a holy child, The Son of God”

Soon after the angel’s visit, Joseph and Mary had to travel to Bethlehem.  It was a long journey and when they arrived in the town they were tired and in need of a place to sleep.  They stopped at a building from which came the sounds of voices and laughter, an inn.

Then Joseph called for the innkeeper, “I’m sorry came the reply, my inn is full and there is not a bed to be had in the whole of Bethlehem.  I have a small stable where my oxen sleep.  You and your wife can rest there tonight ………  (to be continued)

Suggested Christmas activities

Why not decorate pictures of stars, angels and candles, crayon or paint your pictures and then perhaps add some glitter to make them look special.

If you can find a shoebox you could start to make your own stable then gradually add different figures as the weeks pass.  I shall be posting pictures of angels, stars and candles during the next few weeks.

Have fun !

God Bless


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