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Sunday February 14th

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to half-term.  I don’t think it will be too long before you are back at school. 

This week we have a lot going on.

St Valentine’s Day                            14th Feb
Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day           16th Feb
Ash Wednesday                               17th Feb

This Sunday we are learning about The Transfiguration.

Bible reading: Matthew 17, Mark 9, Luke 9

One day Jesus asked  “Who do you think I am?”  “You are the King that God promised” answered Peter’.  Jesus replied “I will travel to Jerusalem soon, the priests and teachers of the law do not believe that I am God’s Son.  They will put me to death but after 3 days I shall rise and live again”

About a week later Jesus went up onto a hill with Peter, James and John.  As he knelt praying Jesus’ face and clothes changed and became dazzling white.  Suddenly two other shining white figures appeared – Moses and the prophet Elijah.  They spoke to Jesus about God’s plans for him and about Jesus’ own death.

Peter, James and John had fallen fast asleep.  When they awoke and saw the figures they were frightened.  Then a cloud passed across the sky and from it a voice spoke:  “This is my Son.  Listen to what he has to say”.  Then the vision vanished ,  Jesus and his friends were alone.

Wow !  Jesus, Moses and Elijah must have looked fantastic looking beautiful and radiant in the glow of God’s glory !  They were transformed into a Spiritual state.  This made the disciples accept what was going to happen more readily.  They now knew that God had special plans for Jesus.

Suggested activities:

Young Sunday Stars children.  If you can find a piece of black paper transform it by painting a picture on it with white paint or find different white things to stick on it, eg white feathers, white material etc.

Older Sunday Stars.  Draw a picture showing Jesus, Moses and Elijah with the disciples looking in wonder at them.

Draw or make a collage of different toppings on pancakes you like to eat or make a Valentine’s Card for someone you love.

With the help of an adult, you may be able to toss a pancake this Tuesday, unfortunately we won’t be able to have our Pancake Race this year. Enjoy your pancakes.

Take care, God Bless,



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