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Sunday January 24th

Hi Everyone,

I do hope you had a good Christmas.

Are you enjoying the snow, I think there is more to come this weekend so don’t forget to build a snowman.

3rd Sunday after Epiphany (means appearance of Christ, a sudden flash of understanding and insight).

It’s a bit like not knowing how to do a difficult sum in mathematics and then suddenly discovering you do know how to do it.

Well, years ago people started to understand the importance of Jesus’ birth, Jesus was the Son of God and he would grow up to do amazing things.

Our story today is called “Have Mercy on Us”.    Bible ref. Luke 17

On his way to Jerusalem one day, Jesus came across ten men who had a terrible skin disease called leprosy.

“Have mercy on us Jesus”, the men cried.  “Go and let the priests look at your bodies,” Jesus told them.  Only the priests could certify that they were truly healed. As the men hurried to their priests, their skins were healed.  One man, a Samaritan, came back to thank Jesus.

“Why has only one man come to thank God, when ten men were healed ?” commented Jesus to his disciples.  Turning to the man, he said, “Go your faith has cured you”

What a fantastic miracle, ten men were cured by Jesus from a horrible disease.  Think how happy the men must have been but only one came back to say “Thank You”.  This illness is not to be feared today, with early diagnosis and treatment the disease can now be cured.

Suggested Activities.

  1. Make up your own prayer asking God to heal all those who are sick.
  2. Draw a picture showing how happy those men would have been.
  3. Make a “Get Well” card and give it to anyone you know who is poorly.

God Bless.


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