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Sunday July 12th

Sunday Stars    July 12th  2020

Fifth  Sunday after Trinity

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a good week.

The Reading today:  Mark Chapter 1

The Wedding at Cana

Here is another miracle.  This was Jesus’ first miracle and he was with his mother and friends when he performed it.

Jesus, his mother and his friends were invited to a wedding.  Everyone was having a really good time but then a problem arose.  The wine had run out.  Now this could have caused an embarrassment for the bride and groom.

However, Mary, Jesus’ mother knew that Jesus would be able to solve the problem.   She said to a servant,  “do exactly as Jesus tells you to do.”

Jesus said  “Fill these six empty water jars with water ”, the servants did this and then Jesus said, “Pour out a little of the water and take it to the man in charge of the meal.”

The servants did as they were told and took the drink to the man.  He called to the bridegroom “This is delicious wine,  usually people serve the best wine first and keep the ordinary wine until last but you have saved the best until now !”

Suggested activities.

  1. Draw a picture of yourself at a wedding.  If you have not been to a wedding then draw a picture where you are looking very smart.
  2. Printing.   Find some plastic bottle tops or anything round with which you can print.  Dip the tops into different coloured paint and make a lovely pattern.
  3. Make a card and put a red heart on the front of it.  Give it to someone you love.

Jesus tells us to love one another.

Have a good week, thinking of you, keep well.

God Bless


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