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Sunday June 21st

Sunday Stars    June 21st 2020

Second Sunday after Trinity

Father’s Day

Hi Everyone,

Today is Father’s Day, it is when we give thanks for all the things that our Dad’s do for us.  We also remember God, our Father who loves us.

I hope you have found time to make a card for your Dad or Grandad

This morning we are going to learn about another miracle that Jesus did.

Matthew 9, Mark 5, Luke 8.

The Miracle of Jairus’ daughter.

A large crowd had gathered to hear Jesus teach.  Among them was a synagogue leader called Jairus. Unfortunately Jairus’ daughter was very poorly and while he was listening to Jesus a messenger came to tell Jairus that his daughter had died.

Jesus overheard this and said to Jairus “Only believe and she will be well again”.

Jairus, Jesus and some of the crowd went back to Jairus’ house.  Everyone was sad and crying.  “Do not cry the girl is not dead, she is just sleeping”  Jesus said.

Jesus went to her room and took hold of her hand and said ‘Get up now” and the girl sat up and thanked Jesus for making her well again.

Suggested activities.

  1. A lot of people have been unwell recently.  If you know of anyone poorly make them a “Get Well Card”
  2. I have posted two pictures to colour on the website.  See if you can colour them in and give them to someone you love. Well done if you manage to colour just one of the pictures.  It takes a lot of care and patience.
  3. In addition, there is a further activity page LIFE IN GOD, use this link or the menu to access the page.

Have a good week, thinking of you, keep well.

God Bless


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