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Sunday June 28th

Sunday Stars – June 28th 2020

Third Sunday after Trinity

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoyed the recent very good weather.  Jesus does another astonishing miracle this week.

The Bible reference:  Luke Chapter 7  v 7-10

Centurion and his Servant

There was a centurion, (a commanding officer in the Roman Army), living in the town of Capernaum.  He was used to giving orders and being obeyed.  The centurion was also a kind man and cared for the people who worked for him.

One day Jesus went to Capernaum  and the centurion sent friends of his to ask Jesus  to heal the centurion’s sick servant.

The centurion sent the message to say; only say the words and my servant will be healed.  Jesus was amazed at the centurion’s faith in him.  The centurion’s friends returned to his home and they found the servant had been healed!

Suggested activities.

  1. Make a list of encouraging words, eg. You will soon be better ….
  2. First Aid kit What could you put in your First Aid kit ?  For example, practical things like plasters, wipes, dressings …….  and things to make you feel well, say, soft toy, sweets, special book ……..
  3. Colour in and cut out the picture of the centurion Print Centurion

Have a good week, thinking of you, keep well.

God Bless


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