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Sunday May 10th

My Father’s House

John   Ch 14  v 1-14

Have you ever had a sleep-over at a friend’s house ?

Has someone saved you a place at school, maybe at dinner time.

They may have said  “come and sit by me”

These experiences make us feel special.  Someone has taken time to think about us.

The reading today reminds me of how loving God is.

I have experienced great kindness when I have stayed with friends.  They have prepared things before I arrived.  They have made the bedroom I am to sleep in look lovely and have cooked special meals for me.

My friends have welcomed me into their homes.

Jesus tells the disciples that God has prepared everything for them when their time comes to follow Jesus to Heaven. God will welcome them there.

These are words of comfort to the disciples and for many people today.

Suggested Activities

  1. Design a home you would like to live in.
  2. If you have a cereal packet box make it into a house
  3. Plan a meal that you and a friend could have after Lockdown
  4. Make or do something nice for your family this week.

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