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Sunday May 17th

I hope you have had a great week.

The Bible reading for this week is John 14 v 15-21

Did you know that you could take the day off school on Ascension Day? On Thursday 21st May this week it is Ascension Day.  Of course it doesn’t apply at the moment, you will all be at home anyway.  Ascension Day is the day Jesus leaves his friends the disciples and joins his Father and goes to heaven.  If I show you a picture of the sun and then place a large cloud shape over it, we know that the sun is covered but it is still there.  It’s a bit like that with Jesus we know that we cannot see him but he is still with us.  We say ‘Jesus is Alive, as our King he reigns over the universe, people, animals, the sun, stars, everything

‘Our God Reigns’.

Jesus sends his Disciples a very special gift. We will hear all about this next week.

Suggested Activities

  1. Make a kite. During the week see if you can make it fly.
  1. Jesus disappears into the clouds, can you make a large cloud and perhaps some gold crowns?
  1. Can you make a banner or poster showing stars, planets, rockets and a space station?

Keep safe .

Thinking of you all.

God Bless

Irene  xx

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