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Sunday May 3rd

Our Session today is Jesus the Good Shepherd.  John 10 1-10.

It takes courage to put yourself at risk for others.  At present we are fully aware of how brave the NHS workers are.  Doctors, nurses and support staff are working hard to save lives.  Using the power of love Jesus used his own life to rescue the human race.

Jesus is our Good Shepherd.  In the past a shepherd would lay down at the gateway or entrance of the sheep pen.  This was the way to protect the sheep from the wolves and robbers.  It was the shepherd’s job to then lead the sheep to green pastures. The sheep would follow the shepherd and he would be vigilant looking out for difficulties and troubles that may lay ahead.  The sheep trusted the shepherd to care for them.

A map showing some of the dangers the sheep might face.


1)  Draw your own map, you may want to put in different obstacles or dangers.

2)  Write a poem or prayer thanking Jesus for all the good things in your life at the moment.

3)  Younger children may want to draw a sheep, you could stick on cotton wool for it’s coat.  If you make several sheep you could put them in a field or a sheep pen.

Take care.

Love and Best wishes to you and your families.


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