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Sunday October 4th

Sunday Stars 

4th October 2020

The Parable of the Sower – Good Seed

Hi Everyone, I hope you had a good week.  Our story today is again a parable.

Bible reference:  Matthew 13, Mark 4, Luke 8

The Parable of the seeds that fell in good soil.

“Once there was a man” said Jesus, “who went out to sow corn.  As he scattered it around, some of it fell on to the path.  Birds flew down and ate it.  “Some fell on to rocky ground.  It soon sprouted, but there was not enough soil for it to take root properly,  So, when the hot sun came out, the young plants dried up.  “Some of the seed fell among weeds that choked the plants as they grew.   And some of the seed fell onto good soil.  The seeds grew into healthy plants and produced lots of corn.

Then Jesus explained what the parable meant.

“People who hear God’s message, but do not understand it, are like the seeds on the path.  They do not accept it.  The seeds that fall on rocky ground are like people who are glad when they hear the message but, as soon as trouble comes along, they give up.  The seeds that fall among weeds are like people who let their love of money and other worries smother the message.

“The seeds that fall in good soil are like people who hear what God is saying.  The way they live shows that they understand Him and are putting His message into practice”

Suggested Activities.

Are you good at experimenting ?

Plant some cress seeds in three different pots, then ….

  1. Do not water the first pot
  2. Water and allow the seeds in the second pot to grow in the light.
  3. Do not give the third pot of seeds any sunlight, keep them in the dark.

See what happens to the seeds, which of the seeds grew the best ?

Good luck with your experiment, let me know what happens to your seeds.

God Bless,

Love and Best Wishes.


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